Mandatory Rules
essential rules & guides governing the site

Critical information regarding Alcryst is available within, mandatory for all newcomers to read and for old-timers to occasionally refresh themselves with. Find your place in this magic-breathed world and understand the expectations for you, for us, and for the characters you bring to life. All updates will require your attention and notification of their incorporation will be given through an announcement. You can also find the passwords to the Inception boards here so you can begin crafting your creations.

all character records & types of registration

Find necessary directories here, including records of members, characters, and establishments. If something appears to require updating or modification, please contact a staff member as soon as you notice the error.

important notices & mandatory activity checks

Staff will post various announcements and other proclamations regarding the public here, including activity checks, upcoming events, and new additions to the site. Anything posted here requires your immediate attention, so be sure to scour the threads!

Official Auditions
staff role information, submit a staff application, & herd auditions

If a new rank is empty or staff are needed, an audition will be posted here that any member is allowed and encouraged to enter. No matter when you joined the site, even if it was yesterday, you may participate in all tryouts--there is never a limit on seniority, only on activity and reliability.

Member Comments
questions, suggestions, errors, & report member/incidents

Whether you wish to view an established answer in our FAQ or present an inquiry, this board will aid you no matter your seniority. A staff member will attend to your questions as soon as they can. You can also make suggestions about the site, whatever it may pertain to!

Guest Friendly

Staff Attention
post to alert staff for any & all needed actions

Anything requiring staff attention must be posted here. With a site as large as Alcryst, this compiles the daily tasks instead of scattering them around in a dizzying scavenger hunt.

compilation of all past threads

When you close a book, it is shelved here, where every thread and post is stored. Nothing is ever permanently removed from Alcryst and can instead be found in the board titled after the respective category where it first resided.

Staff Only
staff salary, instructions, & confidential conferences

This board is locked for staff member use only, shelving the Staff Salary, training for Moderators, and future ideas and plots for Alcryst. Anything within is confidential and not to be revealed to the public.

General Chat
any OOC threads that do not fit into another board

Palaver lets the members run the show, weaving random discussions, polls, tirades, and any other topic they happen upon. So long as the site rules are followed, anything is allowed.

Member Events
games & contests run by members

Games among friends, self-promoting contests, challenges and riddles--entertainment in its finest forms. Any competition or festivity can be posted here by members; any prizes must be given from that member's own inventory, a willing donor's inventory, or through a staff-approved arrangement. Prizes do not have to be offered.

Earn Money
numerous official methods for collecting money

Site and staff-hosted contests held here are always coupled with fantastic prizes and schemes meant to promote activity on Alcryst. Member participation in them is vital and encouraged through unique opportunities. Members can suggest new events for Emulation by messaging a staff member.

create away threads to avoid any inactivity penalties

From vacations to emergencies, life is ripe with twists that often demand full attention. Whether inactive or semi-active, posting an away thread will preserve your account and prevent any standard system penalties.

promote your site

We welcome all sites to advertise here, aiming to attract new members and spread your name. Whether drawn by our post on your forum or another source, you will receive our alliance through the natural bond forged between every forum.

submit your affiliate banner for mutual display

Alcryst is open to affiliation with any interested site. Our standard affiliates are presented at the bottom of our homepage and our allied sites are showcased in the left-hand sidetable across all forum pages.

Click to Redirect
an art collection with official & member submissions

Any members with a DeviantArt account are welcome and encouraged to join our group, helping build a strong presence and spread our name. All Alcrystan artwork should be submitted to its appropriate folder to showcase the majesty and individuality of our community.

Open Designs
available designs provided by the site

Carefully tailored and plentifully hoarded, a plethora of creature, character, weapon, and outfit designs are frequently released for members to claim. Each new thread sports a different concept ready to set muse ablaze, conjuring beautiful and exotic fantasy appearances.

Commission Studios
order commissions from shops owned by specific members

Members can own and operate personal studios to peddle their unique wares, from art to codes and all between. Each board represents a different member's realm, the rules and procedures set by their preferences and their merchandise flavored by their particular style.

Paid Premades
premades for members to purchase

Parallel to Gratis, members can submit their premade art, codes, and other creations for customers to peruse and purchase. For a wide variety of compensation, from money to items to favors, there is always a deal to strike and haggle to counter.

Free Premades
freebies for members to claim

Those without the skill, time, or inspiration to craft their own masterpieces can find art, codes, and other useful premades donated by generous members. Requiring no payment beyond appreciation, freebies promote kindness across the forum and strengthen our bonds.

Public Orders
commission orders for interested members to offer their services

Rather than commissioning a specific member, open orders allow any skilled vendor to post their proposals and customers to browse at their own discretion. There is a perfect fit to be sought, whether pursuing images, tables, writing assistance, character development brainstorming, or another need altogether.

test & record personal threads

Members can explore their imagination and store their works in progress, including but not limited to: experimenting with coding, brainstorming official threads such as business rules, and recording finished products. Typically utilized for table templates, this board is a playground dedicated entirely to each member's personal notes.

Creative Assistance
support, tutorials, mentoring, & resources

Learning is a curve ridden by many, whether its topic is art, coding, writing, or another subject altogether. From singular questions to ongoing tutoring, mentors and students alike pair their knowledge to nurture the talent in each of us.

Human Creation
all pending & accepted human biographies

The brave, the bold, we tame the wild and plant our flag in this world. From the white city to the humble village, we stretch our fingers through the soil, always yearning for more. There is no horizon too distant to cast our eyes upon, for we are without limit.

Horse Creation
all pending & accepted equine biographies

We wolves wrapped in flesh, we wind trapped in bone. Every hoofprint in the ground is another step claimed, overtaking this land in our fire. We freedom unbridled, we spirit unchained. Our souls birthed first, our roots dug deepest, and though our paths are many, our journey is the same.

IC Records
ownership paperwork & documents made by lawyers

When a character or member claims a piece of Alcryst for themselves, proof of their ownership is recorded in an official document. If they are bound in a contract, their new shackles are detailed in parchment drafted by lawyers. And should their souls unite in marriage or part in divorce, such vows are made or broken within.

plan for specific relationships, interactions, & futures

Leave your imprint by plotting with other members, a sprawling spectrum from simple interactions to massive webs. Contrive the deepest scandal, bury it in secret, then watch it bleed through the site. Plant a seed that will evermore cast its shadow to permanently mark the land. Or merely shake a new hand, condemn a new enemy, kiss the lips of a new lover.

supply any IC or OOC information in 1 thread per member

Record your characters' thoughts, relationships, plans, items, experiences, past or present threads, artwork, or any other footprint they have left on Alcryst. Trackers are your space to personalize and display your creations, letting other members see into the author's mind.

Roleplaying Histories
roleplay characters in the past to affect the present

Each life is a trail, paths led to find new destinations, but all journeys began with that first step long ago. Delve into that moment, roleplaying events from your character's history for further elaboration, forging relationships to exist in the present day, and helping define the reason behind your character's nature.

Wanted Ads
post or fill the need for premade characters & roles

The lives of characters inevitably mingle, oftentimes their bonds growing irreplaceable. Yet some pivotal relationships lack their partner, a critical role in your character's identity left empty. Wanted ads can fill this void, allowing new writers to create a soul behind the face that was once only a fable.

roll for pregnancy with odds based on multiple factors

The hopeful and the wary alike convene to eagerly--or nervously--await the results of their conception. To some an honor, to some a shackle, stacking generations can knot the roots of a bloodline deep through the stories remembered.

records of all wild horse herds

Each established herd provides its official information in their personal thread or featured board, declaring rules and membership rosters while defining the core of their identity. Every herd has a different path to lead, their own purpose and culture distinguishing them from the rest. There is both protection and prestige in the hierarchy, lone wolves denied the strength of numbers.

Member Creations
a wide range of IC additions submitted by members

The world of Alcryst is vast, awaiting members to fill its pages with their own ideas. A melting pot of unique thought and dedication, contributions can affect all aspects of the site, truly customizing this great expanse with the vision of its many writers.

Tamed Horse Sales
buying/selling tamed horses & stud/broodmare classifieds

Dirt swirls in the air, disturbed by a thick parade of hooves ever coming and going in the vast plot of land. Rows of hitching posts, a long line of stalls, and wide arenas, paddocks, and pastures provide ample room for display. Here is the stage for the grandiose performance of selling horses, with their dance of negotiation and costumes of painted smiles. Those without knowledge may find themselves playing the fool, deceived by silver tongues.

cattle, crops, organic ingredients, & treats

Farmers endure vicious weather and extreme environments, sacrificing blood, sweat, and most certainly tears in their grueling life. They are a tough breed, resilient in the face of endless labor, but must also possess sharp intelligence to navigate the delicate calculations required for success. There is more to farming than muscle; without a thorough strategy, there will be little more produced than the mud on their boots.

merchandise for all freelance occupations

Merchants have a hand in every occupation, their claws dug deep into pockets and wrapped tight around leashes. Though often distasteful, their services are unavoidable. Their job is a race, scrambling to gather items, construct monopolies, and put on the brightest smile--hoping their charm can cushion the price tag.

weapons, horseshoes, & armor

Heliorne's fiery depths funnel into an ancient vat, the birthplace of smithies where anvils ring and smoke stains weathered faces. Blacksmiths pour blood into their craft, painstakingly creating blades for every sheath and guards for every back. Difficult to achieve, prestigious to own, and advantageous in any encounter, there are few items more valuable in all of Alcryst.

guilds, occupational establishments, & personal estates

The Caravan slowly travels the roads of Alcryst, wagons creaking and horses snorting as dust swirls from the aged wheels. Neither weather nor time hinders their passage, left in peace by the wilds and protected by unseen forces. The nomads do not speak and cover their eyes in veils, but their hands are quick to accept coin in exchange for their spells.

Miscellaneous Items
purchase IC & OOC items that do not fit any other shops

The Underground is an OOC store run by the site to provide a variety of items affecting the user experience. From sensory powers to system customizations, there are items for any need. Though the wallets from all account types are welcomed, this board does not permit roleplaying.

City: Morrene
Guildmaster: Talen Gale

Under construction.

fishermen catch fish for tamed horse consumption

Incoming ships part fluorescent waters running leagues deep, infested with monsters known only in legend. Rotted wood docks form a grid along the rocky shoreline, corralling the volatile sea into pockets of lazy lagoons rich in chromatic plants. Its time-wizened workers are a close-knit community, their speech simple and natures untrusting, forming their own culture apart from the general village.

blacksmiths procure damage & defense values

A vast network of caverns and tunnels honeycomb the mountainside, gutted for materials harvested by blacksmiths. Many of the passages are submerged in murky water, the putrid air attracting creatures suited for such stagnation. Crystals grow like fungi, illuminating the paths, and surges of lightning pass beneath the surface of the rocks, pulsing with magic.

Monumental in width and capacity, the main road into the city is heavily patrolled by guards and packed with gridlocked travelers. Its boundless miles are paved in cobblestone, stretching from the deep wilderness. Its substantial traffic causes little risk of ambushes, its scarce banditry leaving it appealing despite the scrutiny of overzealous sentinels.

Past the gateway, the road widens into a large townsquare, boasting hitching posts and troughs for weary mounts. Traders usually congregate and peddle their miscellaneous wares in the open space, turning it cramped and busy with thick crowds and shouts of new sales. The sea of faces is mixed with locals and nomads alike, a variety of dialects blending together.

execution, imprisonment, faewin lawbook, warrants, & debts

Metal bars, clanking chains, endless bolts, and red lines burnt into throats by nooses choking tight. The jailhouse trades the city's marble for iron, guards posted at every door with weapons readied for any chance of escape. Faewin's numerous strict laws mark sinners condemned, the wide range of crimes matched by a wide range of punishments.

experience psychotropic effects

Angled ceilings cast shadows along the forlorn tables of the Saloon, many of the faces hooded and averted. It is riddled with strangers seeking pleasure and escape, clinging to their identities and secrets as they bury their sorrows in the bottom of an addictive drink. The muted notes of a solemn piano court the silence as stares cut across the room and mouths downturn as the door shudders in its hinges.

rent for character events

Where every beauty meets her beast, romances are sparked amongst masked strangers entwined in waltzes and draped in riches. The heart of every notable soiree rests in these resplendent halls, its chandeliers ever glistening and music ever crooning. Dutiful servants distribute crystal glasses brimming with elixirs to loosen the night, raucous laughter spilling into the surrounding streets for the uninvited to glare enviously.

Legal Documents
contracts, marriage, divorces, lawsuits, & appeals

While signing away your rights and independence, you can enjoy the comfort of tasteful decorations and complimentary beverages from a pleasant receptionist. At your lawyer's call, you are led to an ornate desk with orderly paperwork in neat stacks kept beside blood-dipped quills. Folded hands cradle the chin of your new counselor, their invasive gaze unwavering on your face. Are you ready to make a deal?

Literary Leveling
write stories & answer questions to earn stat upgrades

Bookshelves spiral through the eight distinct towers of the library, each section representing a different form of reward. Desks inscribed with magic runes project the power-imbued words of scrolls, written in strokes of ambrosia. The literary mosaic reveals the legends of Alcryst, many mysteries solved in these blessed pages.

Healing & Birthing Humans
curses, injuries, illnesses, diseases, disabilities

Empathetic staff attend to the damaged and the newly born, moans of pain and the wails of an infant's cry joining together in odd contrast. Bathing in pure, liquid magic and ascending floating stairways built of trickling stardust, the gilded marble chambers are designed to calm its occupants. The final safeguard from death, the first gateway for life, there is little the Provenance cannot serve.

enter or spectate events made by staff and members

The arena embodies the human spirit, its sands their solidity and its pillars their strength. The irresistible call to battle pounds through every heartbeat, joining unsaid ambitions with passion. Lives have fallen for the crowd's pleasure, the audience oblivious to the fire in a gladiator's heart or ice in defeat's clutches. But those who wear now-crimson garb once shining white, who can feel the warmth of their own blood set the entire world aflame, who can see the beauty in their scars... only they are truly free.

IC Newsletter
newspaper for characters run by members

The brick building does little to dampen the busied shouts of journalists buzzing through their hectic hive. Responsible for issuing the infamous newsletter, their ears are open to every whisper and eyes hone in on the smallest gestures, keen to uncover the land's sordid plots. Though their investigations are often a source of stress and resentment for those under their scrutiny, feelings turn grateful when the newfound gossip is released to the public.

owned by amalia lisette rylin marione & sabine aris oana ishtar

Nestled in the shadow of the Cathartic Arena, The Salorium is under the direction of Sabine Ishtar and Amalia Marione. Despite the encroaching din from the Arena, this modest establishment offers a respite from the chaos of the Serpentine Alleyways, with its rustic charm and idyllic pastures. The gray-stoned edifice is pierced by rounded windows, while the arched roof seems to stretch towards the heavens. For now, the stable houses nothing more than a handful of stalls and a simple indoor arena, but with a full range of services, from boarding, shows, and veterinary care to horse wrangling and training, The Salorium is certain to meet the needs of any customer.

The alabaster buildings have little distance between neighboring structures, leaving winding avenues. Some are relatively wide, manicured with pottery and bouquets, often lined with freelancers peddling their wares. Others are choked with narrow darkness, perilous for those who loiter. Though all must use these unpredictable roadways, the homeless take special residence in its corners. Only those who have tramped the jungle of complex pathways for the many days of their life have learned the routes to avoid such dim corridors, expert steps turning the endless curves to find their destination--pure chance left to those with any less experience.

Flowing pillars curve to the ceiling, encircling the steaming pool lapping around the unclad waists of those who wade through its breadth. Flowers duck through the open archways, drizzling sweet aromas into the gentle breeze. Charged by the underground channels of Heliorne-warmed waters, the natatorium is used for exercise, leisure, and bathing, the custom of shedding clothes holding true amongst its purposes.

sacrifice cattle to roll for nothing, blessings, or curses

Rich in red and gold, the sanctified halls reverberate the tentative yet hopeful footsteps of those bearing sacrifice. Words whispered boom like drums, no conversation safe in the hallowed chancel, and raising your voice is considered blasphemy. The central table is stained from past prayers, the lifeblood of cattle exchanged for the chance of tremendous blessing.

adopt orphans, relinquish children, & mercenary work as a guard

All humans under the age of 36 find refuge in the shoddy walls and modest supplies of the orphanage. Rooms furnished with little more than a window, the wards stare out across lands they cannot travel and houses where they are not welcome. Though far from splendid, all necessities are met and safety ensured for those the law forcefully retains until adulthood.

search for relics that grant entire guilds assorted perks

Though the city is deficient in nature, there is another world within, life humming through its every root and crackling through the veins of every outstretched leaf. The gods personally craft each ripple in the scintillating pond and seed in the vibrant fruit hanging from glowing branches, the garden more than mere beauty: it is the guardian of power untold.

White walls encircle Faewin's boundary, guarding from the sheer drop. There are stairwells interspersed along the facade, welcoming citizens to its soaring walkway. The view above steals your breath, revealing endless miles of Rifest at one side and the ocean on the other, smudging with the distant horizon. The wind is crisp and clean, the bustle of the marble city left far, far below.

Behind the blinding grandeur of Faewin, a humble backdoor opens a secondary entrance. The Lane is perilous, unfolding down the city's cliff, across mountain ridges, through blackened forests and sun-sapped deserts until it connects with Morrene. Despite the beauty of its bioluminescence, the crumbling roadway paints its sparse travelers as targets, bandits finding ample opportunity for ambushes.

Tamed Horse & Human Deaths
permanent death & revivals

The Lane deviates down a narrow sidepath plunging deep into a gloom-cast forest. Gravestones protrude from the fallen leaves blanketing the ground, black fog slithering through the markers. Lost spirits flicker as ivory silhouettes in the air around the cemetery's visitors, some plotting to bedevil, some hoping to beseech.

Rite of Excalitarn
illusory battle to upgrade stats

The turbid lake is thickly coated in smog, disguising its unimpressive size. Pointed rocks scatter along the surface, visible only as contorted shadows from the veiled banks--indistinguishable from the spines of beasts slithering through the deep. Underwater tunnels are home to many mysteries, some channeling into ancient magic from the very otherworld.

The waters grow violent where the Torrent and Tarn meet. Their feud swirls whirlpools and breeds waves to dash into Lithic Shore's barbed rocks. Mist sighs heavily along the craggy beach, aquatic life taking shelter in its small hollows and predators scavenging through the tide pools.

The unforgiving rapids barge through trees and stone, sweeping away any who enter the churning currents. Connecting the Tarn and ocean, this extensive plexus circles Faewin's outskirts, its roar a constant song in the lush forests. Along its banks, small tendrils branch into more placid ponds and streams. Though the width of its core river fluctuates, most of the Torrent measures leagues across.

Soul Binding
telepathic bond between romantic characters

A diamond mountain oversees the clouds, its precipice looming above Faewin. A narrow ledge winds slowly around the miles of its circumference, connecting tip to ground in a precarious journey that branches off from Lambent Lane. Its rainbow reflections dance across the daytime sky, reaching every corner of the land and blinding those who catch the wrong angle from a sunlit facet.

Divine Pledging
stat upgrades based on frequency & devotion to specific gods

A deluge of scintillating waters leaks from various cliffs along the river, from rocks gently weeping to downpouring ferociously. Their tears fan between trees, creating narrow springs for nature to devour. The falls emit their own glow in the night, a streak of liquid moonlight flowing through the forests.

Healing & Birthing Wild Horses
curses, injuries, illnesses, diseases, disabilities

Clear pools exhale plumes of haze, summoning an eternal forecast of cloud above the hot springs. Heated to the brink of boiling, the scalding serum can heal any ailment with enough time. Surrounded by sheer angles of dark rock, the Cauldron can be difficult to access and acts as a sanctuary from the dangers in the wild. The circular banks are shallow, the center plunging miles into the very heartbeat of the land.

From the mouth of Dakrym springs a burning geyser, heated by rivers nested beneath volcanoes. It warms the heavens with sheets of vapor forming their own cloud-splotched cover. The droplets filter rainbows along the ground, thousands of prisms misting in the breeze, but their touch blisters like acid.

varying levels of magical and physical protection

A cluster of diminutive volcanoes surround the largest of their kind, a looming silhouette that blackens the very sky. In the night, its seething gullet highlights the rim of its smile. In the morn, its black smoke swells over the horizon. Nature withdraws from its base, too scarred from the boil of its wrath, a torch to evermore remind the world how easily it can crumble.

A permanent testament of the Spire's wrath in ages lost, charred rock reaches farther than eyes can follow. Remnants of magma, it mimics the languid flow of lava, although solid and stoic. Fresh waves of further eruptions added more layers and height, some ebony mounds nearly as high as the volcano from which it originated. Though cold, it is the measure of death's arm; for how many miles are vulnerable to its fickle whim.

Wild Horse Deaths
permanent death, revivals, & rebirthing

The Spire was once a majestic predator, incinerating all within reach. Its prime has long since passed now, leaving it a hollow mockery of its former glory. Many creatures still avoid the dormant volcano, scarred by its history, leaving a sanctuary where it was once the birthplace of destruction. Lava has hardened on its surface like frozen tears still wept, the sky always darker above its peak.

Crossroads Demon
witness history from another character's life or your own

Evolving from the cracked soil of the Calescent wilderness, the Marl Deck is a dirt-packed pathway sculpted straight through Morrene, buildings lined on either side. Blanched from the sun and framed with untamed weeds, the road cannot accommodate a large crowd, instead suited to the sparse traffic of the small village.

Citizen Judiciary
government run by normal morrene characters

The birthplace of many guilds and frontier of new relationships, the Mezzanine is a communal lounge built to connect individuals and strengthen the village. Arrayed in furs and the golden wash of a central fire, seating is made by nature, from tree stumps, sturdy mushrooms, and smooth crystal protrusions to glowing dust suspending its occupant in a swirling cushion.

IC Messaging
send messages between characters

A simple building, its beauty comes from the reflection of colorful scales dancing across its floors. Dragons, both adult pygmies and fledglings of larger breeds, line the walls impatiently, awaiting the next scroll that will release them to another day of flight. Delivering messages from swamp to sea, the couriers are quick to leave and slow to return. Careful, if you wish to avoid a nasty bite, give the dragons their treat—and their owner his coins.

experience psychotropic effects

The life and spirit of Morrene, the Tavern's crowd is boisterous and merry, their loud songs belted by slurred voices. The tables are strong and scuffed, used as stages for riotous dances and toasts. Entering the fire-lit pub christens you as family, so long as you provide the drink and don't pry deeper than the laughter.

train with registered instructors to increase specific stats

The blood-stained sands of Faewin’s colosseum are marked by the same footprints scattered through the Bellicose Discipline. Ringed by dark woods, the bare circle is rarely silent, permeated by the ring of metal and grunts of hard lessons learned. Here, scarred gladiators long retired from the arena pass knowledge onto fresh contenders, the sheep shed into wolves, and even the most renowned victors continue honing their skill. In the game of gore for glory, lives are spent for legacy and lost for revelry.

create potions with a wide range of effects

Filling the air with smoke and neon sparks, the building is as mysterious as its occupants; dark, cryptic, and foreboding. Cloaked alchemists slip through its creaking doorway and enter the room magically sealed to allow each resident their private nook. The walls suffer the blemishes of past explosions from experiments gone astray and are darkened by the thick fumes of cauldron fires. Every eye glances frequently over its shoulder, protecting secrets that took years to uncover.

run by talen mythik aureon gale

The warmth of crackling flames surrounds the occupants of Hearth Lodge, true to its name in both layout and atmosphere. While beyond the walls of the Lodge you are strangers, inside you are family, sharing tales, tankards, and time no matter the troubles that hinder you. Home of the Order of the Black Cloaks but welcome to any in need, when your feet are worn and your eyes blurred, take off your boots and gaze upon unknown faces with familiar smiles.

Where once stood a famed inn now rots its gutted shell. Though its exterior is intact, the interior is clawed away from a starving fire. Blackened remains crumble beneath the heels of those who trespass, seemingly delicate despite surviving decades since it was ravaged. Still fulfilling its purpose even after devastation, its fallen debris often serves as shelter for those without a home.

play chance wheel, poker, black jack, & pirouette daily for coins

The first coin is so insignificant, its metal cold in your hand and its weight barely noticeable. So simple to slide another on the table, what's the risk? You don't even notice the pain as it stabs its hook into you or the fog as its intoxication slips through your blood. Around you, the room boasts silverand gold, every inch draped in luxury to tempt you with riches you could so easily win. So easily, so easily. Just cast a few more dice.

Lunar Wishes
receive a free underground item each full moon

Whisper your dreams into the endless plunge and perhaps your echoes will return more than mere sound to you. The surrounding area is considered feral and sacred, infested with bountiful plant-life and creatures. The well itself is rudimentary, no significance to its appearance or use to its parched void, yet it is still held in high regard as a place where magic nests.

allows roleplayers to communicate with their characters

Enter the small gate circling the secluded estate, pass through the illuminated beads pouring down from the door frame, and step into the cold shadows of the Oracle's domain. The room feels detached from the world you know... time passes slower here, the air feels thicker, and breathing grows harder. No physical host welcomes you, only the disembodied whispers of an unseen source beckoning you closer and the radiant crystal orb hovering in the center of the otherwise bare room. Approaching it increases the distortion in your body, the presence of odd magic mounting stronger with each step, but a single touch on the sphere's surface will reveal fate itself.

Treasure Hunting
organic ingredients, companions, & stat upgrades

From the outside, the Labyrinth spans acres, but those inside know it stretches forever. Impenetrable hedges tower above, a narrow dirt path cleaving between them. Phantoms stalk silently, the walls morph, vines slither to clutch unwary ankles, and unknown horrors chuckle at your struggle. And yet, while most turns carry disaster, a few corners offer treasures to tempt kings.

Trading & Pawning
sell any merchandise between characters and secure loans

Hidden in the gut of a decaying tree, the Black Market is a thriving infestation in Morrene. From criminals to priests, reputations are stripped, names blacked out, and faces covered by cowls. You do not question another's identity; only the authenticity of what they offer and what they want for it. More than mere gold exchanges hands here, where the Market provides as much as it takes.

As the Marl Deck exits Morrene, it slowly fades from soil to sand, borders soaking into the mindless expanse of the Aridon desert. The Kyphosis begins as the ocean does, building in size, the first mounds almost unnoticeable to the distracted traveler. As the distance increases, the dunes pile higher like waves in a storm, quickly stranding you in a sea of massive bluffs. Every footfall sinks you into the shifting sand, your muscles burning, your body an inferno each climb kindles.

enter or spectate events made by staff and members

The hills of Kyphosis merge into the smooth plains of the Delusive Expanse. Its barren limits dissolve into the horizon, hopeless wanderers denied sight of the end. Known for bending vision and twisting reality in the clutches of painful delusion, the flat sand breeds mirages and unwanted truths. Subject to searing heat in the suns' unveiled gaze and ice in its nighttime absence, every step is identical to the last and yet further removes you from life.

IC Messaging
send messages between characters

Soft granules harden into a range of webbed fissures. Although the crust crumbles beneath your stride, it impersonates stone, parched of any moisture until its texture cracks. Born from the suns' smile and the colorless sky, very little vegetation manages to survive the harsh conditions and only the most resilient creatures remain.

summon an embodiment of your true self

A trench buried deep into the folds of Alcryst, the Aperture is an abysmal canyon carved haphazardly into the skyline, as if traced by the talon of a careless beast. A handful of scattered pathways descend to the faraway bottom where your risk of death is rewarded by the pleasure of paradise. Pools of still water reflect pearl-bright luminosity like the facets of a diamond, overhanging nets of flourishing leaves expanding to provide shade.

Treasure Hunting
spirits, companions, & stat upgrades

Rising from the valley extrudes several merged mountains tinged with tan and scarlet. Like vertebrae skirting the desert, its back is a ridge of barbed peaks, each ascending higher in a crescendo of stone. The miles of its veneer are cluttered with deep caverns, winding far beneath the fresh air, lodging both treasure and peril.

Psychedelic Plantlife
experience psychotropic effects

The Prism Grove begins as an abrupt wall of crystal trees, their branches interconnected tightly. The canopy of rigid, transparent leaves shed a kaleidoscopic hue below, supplying the forest's name and dousing travelers beneath with ever-shimmering colors. Embellished with fields of flowers, the Grove is intended for the warmth of summer, where it flourishes in blissful tranquility. The gods rained down magic at its core, giving birth to a sacred clearing where it is said even mortals can taste ambrosia itself.

Gnarled, twisted trees coil into the air, their roots exposed and curled. Each limb has its own motion, no tree similar in its oddity. Some are knotted around themselves, others hollow, others embracing the elements above. The branches dance around travelers and grasp at the passing cloaks, eager to add to their morbid collection of contorted marionettes.

Herd Unification
mentally link herd members

The Veldt is Wryweb's heart, tall grass bending in the wind like its steady pulse. Quarantined by the tangled sections of the wild, its isolation heralds both peace and disorientation. Overwhelming colors contrast each other, hiding detail in the haze of prisms and lights. Hosting a brimming spectrum of plants and creatures, its feeding grounds are bountiful for herbivores and carnivores alike.

Standing as a haggard tomb and stark reminder for any attempting to tame nature, the Ruins are the shredded, overgrown ribcage of a deceased village. The truth of its origin is embalmed in legend, now known only by its wreckage, name and lore lost to time's apathy. Whatever prime it once held is erased beneath roots and moss, its once-strong stones breached by relentless vines. There is no place for civilization here--no place for order. Only chaos, perfect and undisturbed.

Protection Tiers
build resistances to all threats

Algae-clogged waters cling to the bases of scabrous trees, weeping a persistent film on any that trespass. Accumulating veils of greenery cloak the depth, revealed only after you have sunk beneath. Every step could cement you in the deceptive marsh, so stagnant and silent before you, or lose you to its endless possession. There are secrets to be sought in the quagmire, but what price must you pay?

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