Humanoid Inception

Humanoid Creation
Humanoid Inception's password is deduced from questions you must answer regarding Alcryst's mandatory threads. The password is not an actual word, rather it is nonsensical and composed of unrelated, individual letters. Enter the first letter of your answers in the order of the questions without spaces and in uppercase letters. The first letters of every correct answer pieced together will permit access to Inception.

If confused, you may post privately in Grievances, where only administration and the thread author can see a thread exists, let alone access it.

Do not share the password with other members

I. Central Laws
Q.Where may you request a staff member to complete a task?
A.Cbox or Ivocation

II. The Alcrystan World
Q.Which city is known for its warmth and unity?
A.Faewin or Morrene

Q.A 33-year-old human is in which life stage?
A.Child, Teenager, or Adult

IV. Character Stats
Q.Which stat affects all other stats?
A.Constitution, Ranged, Combat, Strength, Agility, Stealth, Endurance, or Speed

V. Stealing and Battling
Q.Are all IC fights considered official "battles" as defined by the guide?
A.Yes or No

VI. Freelance Occupations
Q.All freelance occupations are dependent on which establishment occupation?
A.Blacksmith, Farmer, Innkeeper, Merchant, or Stable Owner

VII. Stables, Inns, & Veterinarians
True or False: Homeless characters have restrictions on their item inventory capacity
True or False