Dense trees and foliage surround the Garden, shielding the inner sanctum from prying eyes. Those who dare enter are engulfed in darkness, only capable of following the soft blue glow of scattered lanterns. Light leads entrants down a winding path as guardian statues stalk their prey from the shadows. The predators pose no risk to patrons, unless they enter will ill intentions.

Before long the trees give way to a bright center, easily covering a square mile. At the center stands a golden statue of Adonias with offerings placed at his feet. Fields and pastures are expertly laid out between pathways, blending in with colorful leaves and beautiful stone buildings. Stained glass windows cause rainbows of color to dance across the opening, giving the area an ethereal feeling.

Hacienda Archives
all main hacienda catalog & relinquished farm receipts

Purchases through current farms are kept in a records board within their main shop. However, if a farm is archived, its receipts are relocated here.


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